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“We believe that children are strong and capable leaders with a deep curiosity for the world around them. Through our Reggio-inspired emergent curriculum, we focus on the interests of our students. We carefully observe on what our students are interested in and use that to plan projects and learning activities to encourage optimum learning and retention,” said Joanne Whitney, Curriculum Director of An Apple a Day Academy. “In today’s society, schools tend to revolve around testing and lesson plans, and while that has a place, we want to encourage our students to love learning, find inspiration in everything they experience and grow in a natural, caring environment.”
            Students at An Apple a Day Academy participate in projects such as creating, writing and illustrating books about subjects that interest them, cooking using organic ingredients and following – and creating – recipes, painting replications of Van Goh’s “Starry Night” and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Students are placed into classes named appropriately: Evergreens, Sprouts and Seedlings. 
            “We like to say that when you walk through the front door, you never know what to expect! We believe in providing our students with an environment that is truly organic and free of toxins. Extra care is taken to ensure that we are using natural products, providing natural materials and certified lead-free toys and manipulatives,” said Christina Miller, Owner and Operator of An Apple a Day Academy. “Students deserve to learn at their own pace within a safe and loving environment. Our holistic approach to education seeks to nurture each child’s potential, helps to build a strong foundation for their future, and promotes a message of positive world-consciousness and early learning.”
            To learn more about An Apple a Day Academy, or to schedule an interview, contact AnAppleADayAcademy@gmail.com.


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