Joe Veres

Elizabeth Edgar

AADA is really a special school! The teachers are very loving, caring and gentle. They truly care about their students and the students’ families. My daughter talks about her school all the time. I’ve never left her with anyone before enrolling her at AADA so it was imperative that they we

Heather Babbs

I can never say enough amazing things about this school and the wonderful staff!! My daughter looks forward to school everyday and talks about how much she loves her teachers!! It’s a good feeling to not have to worry about your child because you know they are in good hands!

Livia Mazurek

I absolutely love AADA. AADA has met all of my expectations and more. Friendly, caring, and loving teachers, my son feels loved and cared for when he is at school. Thank you AADA for all that you do <3

Joshua Morris

The comfort and security of knowing your child is safe and truly cared for while not in your care is priceless. AADA gives a refreshing approach & successful approach to early childhood education and development. They have embraced, encouraged and challenged our son on his level and uniqueness a

Kendra Richardson

Absolutely the BEST environment for kids! Our daughter has thrived since day one. We simply couldn’t ask for a better school to send our kiddo to. I 100% love all the staff and learning styles of An Apple A Day Academy!

Jennifer Baker

AADA is a place where children learn to become healthy, independent, happy people. They are taught basic academics to prepare them for entering Kindergarten, but most importantly they learn how to treat people with kindness and equality, develop a strong sense of environmental awareness and a love f